Why Landscape?

It has been scientifically proven that views of plants and nature reduces stress, encourages productivity and promotes healing.  If that’s not enough reason to invest in the outdoors, good landscaping can increase property value as well!  We want you to be able to enjoy the healing and financial benefits of a good landscape by providing quality designs, installation and maintenance.  We want you to be able to relax on a patio, sipping your morning coffee and listening to the birds chirp.  We want you to have a sense of pride when you welcome guests to your home.  We want you to enjoy time with your kids and grandkids roasting marshmallows over the wood or gas firepit.  It all begins with a Grimm’s Gardens Design. Contact us today: 888-459-2586.

 Landscape Design

Andrew Mitchell says it well in his article titled What is a Landscape?

 “Starting the transformation requires sitting down with a professional landscape designer or consultant and deciding what type of outdoor rooms would be best suited for your property. It can be as simple as a small patio with a reading nook to as elaborate as a pool with soft lawn-scapes and plantings. By deciding what type of rooms we want outdoors, we begin to see new possibilities in the landscape.”

We believe that starting with the best information will result in easier to maintain landscapes that save  you time and energy. You’ll be able spend more time doing the things you love! This is why we have two highly skilled  designers that  hold degrees in Horticulture to help you with your project. With critical design and plant knowledge, our designs are sure to last.

Nadine Champlin is our senior designer.  She is owner of Prairie Place Designs, in Sabetha, Kansas and partners with Grimm’s Gardens to provide affordable professional landscape design in the rural areas of Kansas, Nebraska & Missouri.  Nadine can be reached directly at her home office: 785-284-2627.

Paul Kiekhaefer is our in-house designer. He has a Landscape Design degree from the University of Nebraska.  He can be reached at our main office: 785-459-2586.  Find out more about both our designers on Our Staff Page.

Our designs are CAD based (see example below) and often times accompanied with an image of your future landscape. We take a picture of your house and add the new plants on top to give you a good visual of the design.  All edits and changes within reason after the initial design are free, in fact we welcome changes so that you have a design that matches your dreams.

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